Program Outcomes

In the 6-month Mountains and Marathons Leadership Program, you will:

Develop your personal and professional leadership skills, and become a creator in your life

Run a marathon or climb a mountain in an extraordinary location and build courage, confidence and community

Reach peak physical, mental and emotional health and fitness

Become part of a team committed to transforming their lives and living their full potential

Have more fun, play and adventure in your life

Develop clarity on your core values and vision, and learn how to live in alignment with them

Mountains and Marathons: The most adventurous leadership program

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Take action towards your goals on a daily basis

Learn and develop high-performance habits and tools that actually work for you

In our 6-month leadership program, you will develop clarity, confidence and personal power.

Graduate your program with an epic physical challenge, running a marathon or climbing a mountain in one of the world's most extraordinary places.


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Cheryl, San Francisco Marathon Leadership Program 2019

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If yes, this leadership program is for you!

Do you answer YES to any of these questions?

Does everyone else see you as successful, but you don't feel that way?

Do you feel like you are constantly pretending to have it all together in front of others?

Are you always supporting everyone else, but silently suffer because you put yourself last?

Are you successful in your career, but have neglected other important areas of your life?

Do you know that more is possible, but feel stuck and don't know the next step?

Are you ready for a life-changing challenge?

Your personal leadership coaching includes a structured curriculum and tailored individual coaching. It is a unique combination of personal transformation and leadership training and forms the core of the program. For us, leadership encompasses your entire life. We will guide you to move beyond your current limitations and create a future with clear vision, purpose and passion. The leadership coaching is facilitated online via individual and team video calls.

As part of the leadership program, you will complete a major physical challenge: Run a marathon or climb one of the world's great mountains. Most of our Members prepare for such a challenge for the first time. In this preparation, you will transform your health, your fitness and your mind. You receive world-class individualised physical coaching from our elite fitness coach and dietitian to prepare for the marathon or mountain climb and learn how to maintain a new level of vitality and wellbeing.

You become part of a community of like-minded leaders who are committed to creating an extraordinary life and make a difference in the world. Each program has a maximum of 10 Members, which ensures high levels of support for each participant and fosters strong connection between all Members. You will support each other, learn from one another and unite through the shared journey.

Our Methodology

We believe that we need to lead ourselves first before leading others.

Our program methodology leverages the latest research and best practice in the fields of leadership, personal growth and transformation.

The leadership program is based on four pillars:

Your Coaches

Jamin Heppell

Jen Ziegner

Michael Hagen

Co-Founder & Leadership Coach

Co-Founder & Leadership Coach

Lead Fitness Coach

Pamela Fergusson

Lead Nutrition Coach


Before co-founding Mountains and Marathons, Jamin was the director of three leadership organisations centred around the development of health and resilience. He has had the privilege of working with over 15,000 people from diverse communities across Australia and North America. 

Having bounced back from burnout, depression and seven major surgeries, Jamin knows what it's like to struggle and what it takes to transform. He is committed to peak health and performance and supporting others to do the same.

Jen is a Strategic Intervention coach certified by the official training school of Tony Robbins, and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Strategy and Innovation.

Before co-founding Mountains and Marathons, Jen worked with over 100 purpose-driven businesses in Europe, New Zealand and Australia and lead an impact investing initiative that supports mission-driven entrepreneurs to raise capital. She is now a passionate leadership coach and endurance athlete.

Michael has taught Physical Education at the United States Military Academy and was the CEO of the US Army World Class Athlete Program. He directed an Olympic-training program for 90 athletes in 17 Olympic sports.

His athletic achievements include 1997 USAT Amateur Triathlete and Duathlete of the Year, he has placed second for his age group at Ironman Hawaii 5 times. He was the 2014 Ski Mountaineering North American Master’s Champion, and was ranked 1st in his age-group by USAT in duathlon, triathlon and Xterra approximately 10 times.

Pamela is a registered dietitian with a PhD in nutrition currently in private practice. She has over 15 years of experience working in clinical and public health nutrition, including as a nutrition consultant for UNICEF and the World Food Program. Pamela authors peer-reviewed journal publications, currently co-authers a book and speaks at nutrition conferences internationally. 

She has completed marathons and ultramarathons, and a self-styled Ironman. She lives in Nelson, BC, Canada with her four children. 

In our program, you receive high-touch, tailored one-on-one coaching in leadership, fitness and nutrition


The grand finale of your 6-month leadership program is an immersive week-long international Retreat. This is the ultimate graduation where everything comes together. All Members of your team meet in the country where the marathon or mountain climb takes place to take on the challenge together. The Retreat facilitates the consolidation and reflection of your program and is designed to powerfully start the next chapter of your personal leadership journey.



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Jordyn Davis, Sales Manager

"It was one of the most challenging, yet humbling and rewarding experiences of my life."

Graduate Mount Everest Base Camp Leadership Program 2019