Mountains and Marathons: The transformation you have been waiting for.


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Why does the leadership program involve running a marathon or climbing a mountain?

Our greatest growth comes from facing adversity and reflecting on the learnings after overcoming a challenge. Growing as a leader requires  us to constantly challenge our assumptions of what is possible and encourage those who we are in service of to do the same.

The challenge of climbing a mountain or running a marathon in combination with leadership coaching serves as a channel for cultivating greater resilience, creativity, and conscientiousness. These are transferrable skills that will serve your success in all other areas of life.

Why is the program facilitated in a team?

Leaders require a strong team who back and support them through challenging times. This program will challenge you. There will be moments when you question why you chose to even sign up for it in the first place. Being part of a team ensures that you will feel supported throughout the entire program and have people around you who share the same experience. 

What is the time commitment?

The weekly time commitment for the 6-month program is approx. 6 to 8 hours. This includes both the physical training and the leadership training.

The international Retreats go for 6 to 12 days. You can find the specific duration and dates for each event on the pages of our Upcoming Programs. We expect that you will be 100% present for the Retreat. As the events are fully immersive experiences and may take place in remote locations, please do not expect to be working or maintaining much external communication.

What is the Rite of Passage framework?

The Rite of Passage framework is a transformational methodology that leverages the principles of indigenous initiation ceremonies from communities around the world.  This process powerfully facilitates the transition from one way of being or stage of life to another. It follows a six-stage process which is integrated into each aspect of the leadership program and the Retreat. 

How fit do I need to be to join?

Each program has a different level of difficulty and challenge based on which mountain or marathon it culminates in. Regardless of this, the physical and leadership coaching is designed to take those who have never ran a marathon or climbed a mountain to successfully complete the event.  You don’t have to identify as a runner or a mountaineer to take this on.

Can I just do the leadership program without the marathon or mountain Retreat, or vice versa?

No. The Leadership Program and the international marathon or mountain Retreat are integrated parts of the 6-month program.