• Transform your Life and Leadership
  • Run the Patagonia International Marathon

Do you answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Are you an executive, entrepreneur or leader ready for your next level of personal and professional leadership?
  • Have you done much of the conventional self-development work and are ready for something deeper and truly game-changing?
  • Do you desire more inner peace and freedom and are ready to move beyond blocks that have been holding you back for years?
  • Are you open to receiving more of what you love and expanding how good life can really be?
  • Are you willing to engage with a fresh and evolved paradigm of leadership?
  • Are you inspired to be part of a community of leaders transforming their lives, doing profound inner work and making a difference in the world?
  • Are you ready to ALIGN all areas of your life and step into a transformational adventure?

If YES, the ALIGN Leadership Program is for you!


Program Dates

ALIGN Leadership Program Launch Weekend (virtual)

6 and 7 april 2024

International Graduation Retreat in chile

4 to 9 september 2024


ALIGN Leadership Programs by Mountains and Marathons are for executives, entrepreneurs and leaders who are committed to making a difference in the world and living their most authentic and fulfilled lives.

It includes six months of holistic coaching and a graduation retreat in a beautiful location where you take on an epic physical challenge with your coaches and the other program participants.

For our upcoming edition of ALIGN, the graduation takes you to one of the most pristine places near the end of the world: The Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. 


What participants say about ALIGN

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Program Outcomes

Get clarity on who you want to be and what you are here to create.

Distilling clarity on who you are inspired to be and what you are out to create is a powerful and life-enriching practice. Having clarity on your vision, combined with the skills of transformation that you will learn in ALIGN, empowers you to live with more intentionality, creativity and excitement about your future.

Cultivate greater confidence, influence and authenticity in your leadership.

This is a powerful training in how to show up as an authentic leader in life and business. Through ALIGN, we guide and coach you in the skills and ways of being to become a more influential and confident leader.

Upgrade limiting beliefs, release emotional blocks and cultivate inner peace.

As humans, we have a tendency to allow our past to define what is possible for our future. During ALIGN, we will introduce you to a series of leading-edge processes, practices and frameworks to upgrade limiting beliefs and release emotional blocks. Mastery of this work empowers you to live and lead with more contentment, inner peace, and readiness to create.

Generate more strength, balance and vitality in your overall health and wellbeing.

ALIGN includes personalized fitness coaching that is tailored specifically to you. Your coach will guide you to develop high-performance rituals and ensure you graduate the program in peak fitness, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and habits to run the Patagonian International Marathon and sustain your vitality well after the program.

Deepen your most important relationships and be part of a community of leaders committed to making a difference in the world.

The quality of our relationships has a major impact on our quality of life. Throughout ALIGN, you will learn to be masterful in emotional regulation and authentic communication. You will deepen your most important relationships and become part of an extraordinary community of leaders who are committed to living their full potential.

Experience a life-changing Graduation running the Patagonian International Marathon in Chile

Your ALIGN Leadership Program completes with an epic Graduation Retreat: Running the Patagonian International Marathon in the Torres Del Paine National Park.

Immerse yourself in one of the most pristine natural environments in the world in Chilean Patagonia. 

Create and achieve personal outcomes that reflect your goals and desires!

In addition to these outcomes, you will get to tailor your program to whatever is most important to you. At the beginning of ALIGN, you will create personalized outcomes that you will focus on in your individual coaching journey.

“Being part of a group like this was a beyond incredible experience. Getting to know everybody through the calls and the six months fostered such a deep connection between our group. By the time we set foot on the mountain, it felt like we were family.”


“For me, living in alignment has to do with staying in the present. I am much more able to make decisions from that place of presence, rather than being disheveled and putting out the fires afterward.”


“I just finished climbing the mountain. For me, it’s just starting. I think anything is possible now. The tools I have learned, the people I have met, it really enables me to do anything I want to do.”




Living in congruence with your deepest truth, with inner peace and as a powerful creator.

The ALIGN Leadership Curriculum follows a powerful 3-stage process: Clarity, Clearing and Creation.


What does living a truly aligned life mean to you, in all life areas?

The CLARITY pillar of ALIGN guides you into powerful practices that empower you to richly connect with the expansive future you are living into and who you are inspired to be in the world, from your career to your relationships with the people you love, to your health, vitality, finance and spirituality.

We also teach you to transform the major cognitive and emotional barriers that hold people back from declaring the life they truly desire.
By declaring what living a truly aligned life would look like for you, you immediately become empowered to start making decisions with greater conviction right from the very beginning of the program.


What is currently out of alignment in your life and requires changing, letting go or healing?

The Clearing pillar of the program guides you to transform what is currently not in alignment with your vision for your life. In this part you learn leading-edge processes to dissolve limiting beliefs, clear emotional blocks, and develop authentic communication skills to create greater peace within, and more harmony in your relationships.

We also teach you the pragmatic tools and processes to release any dead weight from your past so you can feel lighter, live with inner peace and feel confident in your choices each day. These practices are effective because they work holistically at the level of mind and body.


How do you create your most aligned, fulfilled, impactful life?

Once you have clarity on who you are inspired and committed to being in life and cleared what is not in alignment, you now have the mental and emotional freedom to take bold action congruent with your vision.

In Creation, you will learn the intentional ways of being, practices and frameworks that enable you to bring your vision to life and live with ease, inspiration and contentment each day.

Program Structure

Your leadership coaching
The core of ALIGN

Your leadership coaches Jamin, Jen and Jordyn guide you through a transformative curriculum with highly tailored, high-touch coaching. The leadership coaching is the core of the program and is designed to empower you to create alignment and balance in all areas of your life. With the support of your coaches, you will access clarity on what you truly desire in life, clear what is no longer aligned for you, and become a powerful creator for yourself and the people you love. The leadership coaching is facilitated via group and individual video calls.

Your fitness COACHING
All-round health and vitality

Your Fitness Coach Sammie will provide you with tailored training guidance to create optimal levels of performance and vitality. Sammie not only prepares you to successfully run the Patagonian International Marathon, the coaching also equips you with the knowledge, mindset and habits that will serve you well beyond the program.

Your team
Never alone on the journey

You become part of a team of leaders committed to living their potential and making a difference in the world. Get inspired and develop life-long friendships as you journey with an extraordinary community. ALIGN Leadership Programs have a maximum of 15 Members, which ensures you get high levels of support and foster strong connections between all participants.

Your graduation retreat
The most epic adventure

You graduate your ALIGN Leadership Program with a 6-day international Retreat in Chile where you run the Patagonian International Marathon with your team members and coaches. The Retreat facilitates the consolidation of your program and is designed to powerfully launch the next chapter of your personal leadership journey.

Your post-program integration
For lasting transformation

After Members graduate ALIGN, they often say, “this is just the beginning”. After the program officially completes, we support you to integrate your transformation through complimentary Integration Coaching Sessions for an additional three months to ensure you take everything you have learned into your future. We also welcome you into our ALIGN Graduate Community where you get to connect with other extraordinary participants from all around the world and invite you to Graduate-exclusive opportunities and adventures.

Your Coaches



Jen is the co-founder and leadership coach of Mountains and Marathons and the ALIGN Leadership program.

For the last five years, Jen has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies to national non-profit organizations across the US, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. She is certified in Strategic Intervention Coaching and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, and brings a mix of her diverse training and own life experience from living her most aligned life to her coaching.

Jen has a degree in intercultural studies and an MSc in International Business. Before starting Mountains and Marathons, she worked with impact-driven businesses and social enterprises across Australia and Europe.

Jen believes that we need leaders who do good, while being well to create sustainable change in the world.



Jamin is the co-founder and leadership coach of Mountains and Marathons and the ALIGN Leadership program.

Jamin has coached the founders of multi-million dollar start-ups, leaders in real-estate, leaders in network marketing companies, corporate executives directors, ex-military, and many more.

Besides his passion and gift as a coach, Jamin has ran a marathon in 6 continents, summited Mount Kilimanjaro 10 times, completed 3 ultramarathons (one of which raising $10,000 for a Balinese charity during COVID) and is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being a participant in the world’s highest obstacle course race on Mount Kilimanjaro in September 2021.

Jamin is passionate about adventure, authentic communication, healing generational trauma, and exploring what it means to be a leader in this modern day.



Jordyn is a Leadership Coach for ALIGN with over a decade of experience in leadership coaching and development. Since graduating ALIGN herself in 2019, Jordyn transitioned from her successful career as a senior leader in Corporate America to become a certified Mindset Coach, trained in somatic, body-based practices and several modalities working with the subconscious mind to support her clients to release limiting beliefs and emotional blocks so that they can live with more inner peace, freedom, and fulfillment.

Dedicated to living her most inspired life, Jordyn is an adventurous world-traveler, lover of nature, and passionate student and explorer of life. She has a degree in Philosophy and is a certified Mindset Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Vocal Sound Healing Therapist.Jordyn lives and breathes the spirit of ALIGN and is a champion for seeing the potential and possibility in others. She holds a profoundly safe space where all of you is welcome and deep, transformational work gets to be fun.



Sammie is an NASM & RRCA certified Embodied Fitness & Endurance Coach and offers a wealth of experience for your fitness journey. With 80+ races, including two ultra-marathons and three Kilimanjaro summits under her belt, Sammie’s coaching is passionate and unique. 

As an ALIGN 2020 Graduate since 2020, Sammie is very familiar with the power of transformative experiences and how every trek and race are a metaphor for life. She has a strong expertise in women’s hormone health and LGBTQ+ advocacy, but works with people from all backgrounds and fitness levels. 

With Sammie, every individual’s progress and goals are honored and celebrated as part of an inclusive, welcoming fitness community.


The Graduation Retreat

Integrate, celebrate and graduate your ALIGN Leadership Program with an extraordinary adventure that will create memories for a lifetime: Running the Patagonian International Marathon!

The Journey Begins

Your 6-day Graduation Retreat begins in Puerto Natales, Chile. You will be warmly welcomed at our boutique hotel where you will meet your ALIGN coaches and team in person for the first time! Once everyone has settled in at the hotel, you will begin reflecting on your transformational journey of ALIGN from the last 6 months. The next day, you will prepare for the marathon, pick up your bib, and get ready for the race together with your team.

To the Finish Line

Running the Patagonian International Marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The race takes place in the extreme south of Chilean Patagonia and winds through one of the most pristine place on Earth: The Torres del Paine National Park. The magic of running in the heart of Patagonia alongside your team and runners from all over the world will both test and challenge you, and leave you with stories to tell and memories for a lifetime.

The Next Phase

After race day, the focus of the final days of your Graduation Retreat is on relaxation, recovery, and intentional conversations about what is next beyond your ALIGN Leadership Program. You will have space to integrate everything you have experienced and achieved, and prepare to step into the next phase of your leadership journey when you land back home to your family and community. As our Graduates often say: "This is only just the beginning!"



What our Graduates say


“I would recommend this program to anybody who is looking for something more, anybody who is looking to do something different. Too often, we miss the spiritual component and the human component of living our lives. ALIGN will help set you up to see that there are more than just materialistic things in life, that there is something greater than yourself worth living and going after.”
“My life got brighter and brighter the further I moved along in the program. Now that I’ve completed ALIGN, I am living my life everyday with intention. It’s been a beautiful experience, I can’t really find the words to describe it. It’s just something deep inside of my belly that I have never felt before, so that’s how I know that it’s real. ALIGN has given me so much insight into not only who I am, but who I am becoming.”
“Jamin and Jen are inspirational. They are attentive. They love what they do. They love serving people. They love helping people through things. Throughout the course of the program, I let my walls down and they were there to hold me and support me in whatever I was going through. They’re two extraordinary individuals who are doing extraordinary things across the globe. I cannot say enough good things about them. “


“I now have a more balanced approach to everything I do than I ever had. That brings a certain calmness as a leader. When I show up, I show up in a different mindset. It allows me to be able to deliver and drive at a very high level, and really be proud of my accomplishments. It’s not always about focusing on the next thing. It’s about being able to accomplish and appreciate it, and be proud of it.”
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“I called Jamin up and said “I’m so busy, I don’t have time for new friends.”. Wow, was I wrong! What I really needed was to open up. I couldn’t have done it without the support of these team members. They’re all so inspiring. It’s the only time I have been in a group of human beings that have been so open, honest, caring, and we feel for each other. We want to help each other. It’s the group that made it. We were very blessed with an unbelievable group.”
“What’s interesting about my relationship with the leadership program is that it’s not what I expected, but it’s actually everything I needed. What I realized once I got into the program is to be that powerful leader, there is a certain focus on oneself that you have to take into account. This has really been the first time I have ever really focused on myself. Having completed the program and understanding what living in alignment is like for me now, I have a new toolset. ALIGN has given me the power to take ownership. To execute and to manage very, very difficult situations and conversations, and come out on the other end feeling very confident and dignified.”


” I would recommend this program to anybody who has already done some amount of inner work. Who are already on the path of discovering themselves. Who are looking for a new adventure. Who want to be exposed to a new community. Who want to be part of a community. Who want to have a challenge in life and are willing to go further. Willing to dig deeper and rediscover themselves.”
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“Living in alignment means to have the courage to pursue my dreams. It means to be honest with myself, understand my deepest desires and respect them. To look fearlessly into the future and trust my intuition. And to believe that everything and anything is possible. As a society we are all longing for love and acceptance. Pretty often we focus on what we don’t have. What I have learned with this program is if we really put my focus on the future, into our goals, and if we allow ourselves to be part of the bigger and broader community, we can heal anything and we can build the life that we all desire.”
“It’s hard to underestimate, to do something so big together with many talented and inspiring leaders. It changed everything. If you surround yourself with the right people, the sky’s the limit.”


“Through the ALIGN Leadership Program, I was able to take a look at my life, to focus on the things that were most valuable and important. Many of us came into this program not exactly sure what we are looking for, but I can honestly tell you that the transformations, the growth, the development and what comes out of this program is like nothing I have seen before.”
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“My life before the ALIGN Leadership Program was very out of balance. I didn’t realize how much my life was out of alignment. I was working three different jobs, working all the time. Being successful has always been important to me and I love what I do, so I didn’t realize the fact that it was taking so much out of me.”
“Jamin and Jen get us to open up and bring us out of our shells. We are able to see things in ourselves that could remain dormant if it wasn’t for the right questions. They are wise beyond their years. They do a great job of bringing exceptional people together, from all walks of life.”

What's Included


  • Group leadership coaching - 3 calls of 90min per month
  • Individual leadership coaching - 2 calls of 60min per month
  • Personalized fitness coaching for high performance and peak fitness - Daily training plan and 2 calls of 30min per month
  • Voice and text message support from all your coaches between coaching sessions as required for the duration for the program
  • A 6-day all-inclusive Graduation Retreat in Chile, centered around running the Patagonian International Marathon (includes boutique accommodation in Puerto Natales, three meals each day, any activities during the retreat)
  • Registration for the Patagonian International Marathon 2024
  • Retreat facilitation and coaching led by your Mountains and Marathons leadership coaches
  • Integration support after your Graduation - 3 monthly individual coaching sessions
  • Exclusive access to the private Mountains and Marathons Graduate Community for ongoing connection between Members and coaches and exclusive invitations

*International flights to and from Chile are not included

Who Align is For

You have experienced a degree of personal development, coaching and/or leadership training before.

You are excited about being part of a team of extraordinary leaders and are willing to contribute to others.

You are ready and willing to focus on and fully commit to living your most extraordinary life.

You are open to making changes to your life and understand that the magic of ALIGN happens when you take action.

You are okay with temporary discomfort and challenging moments in service to living a more fulfilling life.

You are inspired to make a difference to the people around you and to be of service.

You are hungry for an adventure and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

You know you do not need this, but you are really excited to be part of it!

"This was the best investment of time and money I ever made in my life." -Oussama

Join us!


There are 3 steps to join the Patagonia Marathon 2024 Edition:


Click on "Inquire Now", fill out the short form and choose a time for your Introduction Call with one of our leadership coaches.


In your Introduction Call, you will get to know one of the ALIGN Leadership Coaches and have all your questions answered.


If your participation in the program is aligned for you and for us, you will be invited to register. Congratulations!


Here are the main ways that ALIGN is different and distinct from most other programs:
(1) A holistic approach to leadership – ALIGN includes not only group and individual leadership coaching, but also fitness and nutrition coaching. We believe we need more leaders who do well and are well. In addition, we teach an approach to Alignment that can be applied to all areas of life.
(2) An extraordinary community – Inside ALIGN, you get connected to a group of outstanding leaders from all walks of life. Even (and especially!) people who were initially apprehensive about the group aspect of the program, have graduated saying that this was one of their favorite parts of the program.
(3) The most epic graduation! – You get to celebrate your graduation trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru! Do we need to say more?

A big part of what makes ALIGN special is the intimacy of the group, and the deep connection created between participants. In addition to the group coaching, ALIGN also involves high-touch, tailored 1:1 coaching from your leadership and nutrition coaches. This is why we limit the number of participants to a maximum of 15 per program.

We care about who you are and are inspired to be in the world much more than your current job title. This is why we say ALIGN is for ‘entrepreneurs, executives and leaders’. If you are a leader in life, have big aspirations, and everything about ALIGN lights you up, then, yes, absolutely apply!

ALIGN is about self-leadership in every area of life. The program is very holistic in its approach, and everything we teach about alignment can be applied and translate to all personal and professional areas of life.
Regardless of whether you choose to work on specific work-related themes in your individual coaching or more personal things – we consistently see our Members become more powerful leaders who can guide themselves and their teams through even the most challenging situations and navigate whatever life throws at them with grace and confidence.

Absolutely! In fact, many of our Members have families or are single parents. From our experience, people in this circumstance often have a harder time justifying this kind of investment of financial and time resources into themselves – and every Member who does, we see the most remarkable transformations in who they are becoming for themselves and their families. It’s one of the most special parts of our work.
As long as you can organize to be mostly undisturbed for your coaching sessions and are able to be fully present for the Graduation Retreat, you are good to go!

Across the different types of coaching (group, individual, fitness), you will have on average two hours of calls each week, plus one more hour for homework. The beauty of ALIGN is that the majority of the leadership coaching homework will happen directly in your life, not in addition to everything you are already committed to.
This does not include your fitness training, which will vary person to person, depending on your goals.

If you can’t be present for the dates of the virtual launch weekend (April 6 and 7), inquire anyways and we can speak through the options in your Introduction Session.
If you cannot be fully present in Chile for the Graduation Retreat in September, you are unfortunately not able to participate in this edition of ALIGN. We recommend you sign up for our newsletter to find out about our upcoming programs.

Yes! While most of our ALIGN Members are from the US, we also have Graduates in Australia, Europe and the UAE.
Please make sure you indicate your time zone in your application so that we can speak through possible implications on group call scheduling and discuss availabilities with you.

Of course! And – It is important that every individual chooses ALIGN for themselves first, not because someone else is doing it. This program requires everyone to be fully in and fully committed.
We also encourage you to ask yourself whether you will be able to open up fully with someone you already know as part of the team. If that’s a YES, this can be a beautiful opportunity to go through a life-changing six-month adventure together with your partner or friend and strengthen your bond.
If there are two or more of you who would like to join, mention this is in your application and ask us for a special bonus!

The investment for the ALIGN Leadership Program is between $16k and $23k USD. We will share all details with you in your Introduction Session.

All coaching sessions are hosted via Zoom. You can schedule your individual coaching sessions at a time that is convenient for you. The standing time for group coaching sessions will be determined together with the whole group prior to program start to ensure we have a time when everyone can participate.

Most of our Members have never run a marathon before. So even if you are completely inexperienced in long-distance running (or even running at all), you can participate in this program. The most important thing is that you are willing to consistently put in the work and show up for your training over the six months leading up to the race and take good care of your overall wellbeing. Coach Sammie will support and guide you every step of the way. The Patagonian International Marathon is a hilly race where you might face cold temperatures and strong winds, and it will test your endurance and grit. As a starting point, if you are currently able to run or walk/run 3 miles, you are in a great place!

As our Members have said over and over – The Graduation is only the beginning! After your Retreat, we have one individual and one group Completion Session, which formally completes your ALIGN Leadership Program.
Thereafter, we offer you three months of complimentary integration coaching support through monthly Integration Coaching Sessions. We also welcome you into our growing community of extraordinary Graduates from all over the world and you will be invited to exclusive Graduate opportunities.

If your questions are simple and of a logistical nature, send us an email to [email protected].
If you would like to discuss your individual situation and ask more detailed questions, complete an application and we will answer them in your Program Alignment Call.


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